@WeStillLike: The Twitter Files

Here are the front-line dispatches from the WSL:Gravity release party's Embedded Twitter Correspondent, @KateRegan, who Live Tweeted (??) the entire event! Highlights of the #WeStillLike tag include the apocalypse, prat falls, shit-kicker boots and some random teenager talking about Justin Bieber. Obviously, the event was a resounding success!

Editor Chris is the headliner this evening. He just started unbuttoning his collar! #WeStillLike being racy! What kind of party is this? 

September 3 is the debut of Invisible Cities walking art/fiction tour. It's going to be amazing! #WeStillLike everything about that.

What's more popular than the readings? Nothing. But the color coordinated bookshelf comes close. #WeStillLike http://twitpic.com/1zq51v

Josh is reading. His GF suggested he be more dynamic- so he submitted to Gravity. #WeStillLike Josh. We would even if he didn't submit. Heh

Tupelo is up. I'd tweet about what she's reading, but I'm really taken with her coat. #WeStillLike fashion. But only said like David Bowie.

The only answer is the striving for it. #WeStillLike

Sarah is next. She's reading a piece about reading Infinite Jest. #WeStillLike being here forever or however long it took u to read it.

Open mic has commenced. #WeStillLike spontaneous poetry.

"it might not be the apocalypse you thought, but it's the apocalypse you got." word. #WeStillLike real talk.

"the universe is a stage on where you dance, guided by your heart." is this guy for real?#WeStillLike

People popping up in the crowd to yard-read Tavia and Sarah's script. Oh shit! #WeStillLike it when Brad takes a prat fall.

I'm making everyone wait for me to read a tweet or two while I tweet. #WeStillLike being meta-ridiculous. Metadiculous?

The wind is eery. Creepy reading party? Jk jk. #WeStillLike motha nature-made drama.

Art has to be made. Even in yr shit kicker boots. - Monica Regan #WeStillLike

Gravity is weak bc it's leaking into paralell universes. #WeStillLike String Theory. Yeah!     

Monica Regan is about to read. #WeStillLike Regans! Even if they are not related!

Oh gosh. We're starting. The last time I stood up in front of this many people, I was talking about e-commerce.

A cardigan will ruin this outfit. #WeStillLike drinking for warmth.

The weather might be a bummer but uh, we're on it. #WeStillLike the donation table. http://twitpic.com/1zp5fb

Poppin bottles. Almost knocked the neighbor's window out with the cork. Oops! Sorry guy. #WeStillLike you.

WeStillLike to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiimmmme. http://twitpic.com/1zp45x

Wearing stilettos to a back yard garden party because #WeStillLike a challenge.

Going to be reading tweets at the @WeStillLike party tonight. I guess I'll finally know what it's like to do bad stand up.

SF! Come to this tomorrow night: http://bit.ly/ca8JKo It's all about Gravity so I'm pretty sure someone will fall down. Probably me.

@wita_fajar #WeStillLike him.. :D RT @aisputri: @wita_fajar RT @utayutay: #didyouknow that @TimMarbun has Justin Bieber's O (cont) http://tl.gd/22fq1j
Huh? That last one makes no sense! But we still like it.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for a rad and raucous event. You can keep following us on the Tweet Machine at @WeStillLike.

And special thanks again to @KateRegan for all her journalistic prowess.
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