Small Presses Take Over the World!

...the tiny world of niche literature, but still! We're beyond excited about this feature by L. J. Moore:

Sarah Ciston and Chris Pedler still like a lot of things, including books. Real books: the tactile, paper-based, lend-able kind that work without batteries. The kind that come in only a few copies which get passed around, picking up coffee rings, dog-ears, marginalia and pastry crumbs, and that function less like a shout into the general ethers and more like putting one’s ear to the ground. It was out of this desire to make something physical, sincere, and communal out of the act of reading that We Still Like Books was formed. We Still Like is not really “a zine, and not really a journal,” Ciston says, because “our attitude is to be inclusive rather than exclusive, but at the same time we’re not man-on-the-street photocopying zines in the back office. We’re not highbrow and not lowbrow.” “We’re better than Burger King,” Pedler clarifies, “but not as good as Magnolia.” “Yes,” Ciston agrees, “We’re the California Cuisine of fast food.”

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